Business Management Software

Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, Midlands.

What Do We Offer?


Single page sites, or multi page sites are available. Static or dynamic. Every website we make scales from mobile to desktop. Quite often we can create your website within a day or two. Get in touch and we'll explain your options. If you already have a website that isn't performing or needs updating, we can usually work with your existing site, adding the features you need. Contact us using the links at the top or bottom of the page to have a chat and get a quote.

Process Management

Many businesses use generic process management software designed for broad audiences and try to adapt it to meet their needs, or worse; rely on spreadsheets. However, we know every company is different and has different requirements and workflows. By having bespoke software written specifically for your organisation and how you operate, you can have exactly what you do need and nothing you don't need. If your requirements change, features can be added or amended as dictated by business requirements.

Business Management

Once you're managing your processes effectively, you may want to think about the "bigger picture" and ensuring that all processes are organized optimally and flow effectively. And end-to-end business management system. Once process management has been put in place, this will be much easier. This can transform your business and give you business intelligence insights that will increase your bottom line!

Our Philosophy

We like to work fast, getting the big stuff out of the way first (database design, site layout, users etc). Then we check with our customer that everything is accounted for and they are happy so far. From there, we trial the software, hunt down bugs, add new features (they always come up!) and refine the interface to suit our customers workflow.

We favour simple, legible, obvious design. We like whitespace and we never follow the crowd. You'll notice that this site is not the same as every-other-web-design-site / bespoke software house you've visited.

Our style may not appeal to everyone, we're primarly coders, not "web designers." Our advantage is all sites we create are super fast loading as we try to stay as lightweight as possible.

However, if you want a website that looks the same as every other, we can do that too!

Recent Projects

Calibration Management System

Our customer was trying to manage their tool calibration using a spreadsheet. It was not working well at all. We replaced that with an integrated web based system, using Sharepoint for calibration certificate storage. The home screen shows (from top to bottom) overdue tools, tools due in next 30 days, 60 days etc.

Job Management System

Our customer was trying to run a busy machine shop using a couple of whiteboards. This also was not working well. We created a full job management system, from job traveller to delivery note, along with automatic realtime work-in-progress costings. Previously, calculating the WIP cost had taken days. When we were finished, they knew the location of every part and how close to completion each part was.

Inspection Software

Our customer was struggling without an inspection software system whilst inspecting on site. They were using a combination of a phone for taking photos of inspected items, and paperwork to record inspection findings. We designed a system for phone use, from booking jobs in, to saving photos, recording inspection findings and producing a final report. All on one screen. What previously took up to an hour, now took no time at all!