Responsive Web Design is Essential to Your Business

According to statcounter about 53% of web browsing is now accessed through mobiles and tablets. If your site hasn’t had a redesign in the last few years, it might be worth checking how it looks on your mobile. Any need to scroll sideways is to be avoided (except for tables possibly).

It doesn’t need to look “fancy”, just legible and organised to enable your website visitors to get the information they came to your site for. To be fair, most websites nowadays are responsive, but not all.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A definition is in order. Responsive web design simply means that website content adjusts depending on the screen size. Sometimes elements will be hidden on small screens or display differently — a row of images on desktop may become a column on a mobile, for example.

Another term you may come across is “Mobile First Web Design”. This states that a designer starts with the smallest screen size a visitor is likely to use and uses that as the base case. Larger screen sizes are designed for from the smaller ones. To my mind, they’re pretty much the same thing and differ only from a workflow point of view.

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