How to Become a Paperless Business

Many businesses have heard of the paperless office, but what about the paperless business? Is this a goal on your wishlist?

Whilst we don’t know of any fully paperless businesses, there are many that are predominantly paperless.

Where to Start

We advise companies to start with those processes that generate paperwork by design. Often these will be things like:

  • Job Management Systems
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Delivery Notes
  • Invoices
  • Procedures and Work Instructions

The chances are, most, if not all of your systems for the above all generate massive amounts of paperwork. If your business manufactures products, you’ll probably have Job Cards that are generated, used to instruct workers what operations are needed for a particular job. If you move to a web based Job Management System, you’ll eliminate one of your biggest consumers of paper. Same with Delivery Notes. How often nowadays do couriers require you sign a sheet of paper? I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s rare. So, looking at our list above again, let’s see what options we have to go paperless:

  • Job Management Systems
    • Managed using computer terminals or phones/tablets on the shop floor
  • Quality Managment Systems
    • As above. No more being caught out on an audit with a superseded copy. Everything is up to date by default!
  • Safety Managment Systems
    • See above
  • Delivery Notes
    • A digital signature
  • Invoices
    • A digital copy, emailed to your customer
  • Procedures and Work Instructions
    • See Job Management Systems above

As you can see, once you have hardware on the shop floor, these devices can be used for many purposes. You’ll effectively solve a whole host of problems in one go.

We’ve created systems for customers that have so impressed their customers, they’ve become preferred suppliers.

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