Web Based Shop Floor Data Entry System

Shop Floor Data Entry System

The second installment in our case studies series.

Our customer was using paper binders to record torque settings on the shop floor. This was a contractual requirement with their customer and they’d be doing it this way for many years. We proposed replacing the paper version with a web based system as it would greatly speed up the data entry, and also speed up retrieving a particular record.

We trialled our solution with tablets in one of their workshops to prove the effectiveness of the system. It was a great success!

Previously, locating a record could have taken hours if not days (going through archive boxes of binders). With the web based system, any record could be retrieved in a fraction of a second.

Records could be filtered by technician, job number, product type, date etc.

Another massive time saving was on the data entry side. With the paper system, a technician would have to fill out a row with information. As they were usually working on the same product for at least a day, they would have to duplicate nearly all fields, each time. With the web based data entry system, each time they clicked the Add Record button, their previously entered record would be retrieved and they’d only have to change any field that was different.

Unexpected Benefits

Another problem our customer had with the paper system, was not knowing when a technician had actually performed the torque tightening. They had suspicions that some technicians were writing down readings retroactively. This was confirmed immediately with our system with a timestamp for when the record was entered on to the system, and the technicians were monitored to ensure they were following the system correctly by recording results as they went along.

A further benefit was that the supervisors were able to assign hours to jobs as they now had visibility of which technicians worked on which products.

As is often the case when a business reviews their processes, they found that going paperless was better for them in every way.

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