Benefits of Having a Static Website for Your Business

If you need a website for the purposes of promoting your business, a static website should be at the top of your list. These sorts of websites can be created very quickly and can offer advanced features such as a blog, rss feeds, sitemaps, all things that are loved by Search Engines.

Static Site Generators

If you’ve never heard of Static Site Generators (SSG’s), allow me to explain. Instead of hand coding your website, an SSG will be used which often uses Markdown or Textile to write the content, which is then turned into HTML. Usually, these SSG’s will manage all hyperlinks to make sure everything is tied together correctly.

If you want to add a News or Blog section to your website, you simply write your content, then your website is re-generated, uploaded to a web server, and your content is immediately available.

Speed, Security, Simplicity

The most obvious benefits of using static site generators is that your website will:

  • Be more secure — No logins, no code running, just web pages being served.
  • Be much faster — The web server is simply fetching pages and serving them to your visitors.
  • Be much simpler — You write your content, we upload to a web server. Done.

Contact Us to Discuss

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