Spreadsheets vs Databases in Business

We speak to many small businesses that are living in “spreadsheet hell.”

The reason is easy to understand. Every business has someone who is competetent with Excel. So, when there is something that needs to be tracked — assets, products, people etc. they’re usually the person tasked with coming up with something.

Naturally, they create a spreadsheet, and put it somewhere where there colleagues can find it. Over time, new columns, then worksheets, get added. The file gets ever heavier and more complicated. What initially looked like a solution, has turned into yet another problem!

I’ve had people explain to me — “yeah, click on that tab, filter on that column on the next screen to the right, go back to the first tab, click on that there…” You see the problem!

While every company has at least one person who’s “good with spreadsheets”, far fewer have someone who’s “good with databases.”