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choose us to design and host your next website and that website will...

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    Be faster than 99% of all websites

    People hate waiting for websites to load. With our sites, they don't need to. Your site will fully load within half a second.

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    Have expertly written copy so your prospects will contact you

    'copy' means writing intended to persuade someone to do something. With a website, that might mean clicking a button, making a phone call or sending an email. We'll discuss with you what you'd like your website vistors to do when you contact us. We'll then make that our primary objective.

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    Be built by people who actually care about your online success

    It's competitive out there and your success becomes our success. We don't take on clients who have impossible to achieve goals. That road leads to disappointment for both of us. We'll talk about what you want from your website before we quote and ensure we agree terms so we can deliver for you. Oh, and we don't just work for anyone willing to pay us. If you're a plumber targeting Burton on Trent, we cannot work with another plumber targeting Burton on Trent. That road leads to madness.

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    Be monitored to ensure you maintain/improve your web position

    You've probably heard that web dominance is a fiercely fought battleground, never ending, never finished. We embrace that reality and thrive on the challenge. We'll monitor your website and advise of additions and changes when required.

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    Look professional on all devices

    Every website we design scales from tiny mobile screens upwards. We achieve this primarily by keeping things simple. We have no interest in winning web design awards. We are only interested in getting leads for our customers.

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    Be hand coded with no cruft

    We have nothing against templates or frameworks, but we don't believe they should be a substitute for knowledge. Your website might look pretty, but will it generate leads for you? We hand code our sites using as little external code as possible to have complete control over the end result.


Contact us and we'll give you a quotation once we understand your requirements and expectations.

We're confident you'll find our prices affordable, giving a high return on investment. We advise prospective clients to get a few quotes for comparison. No matter who you choose, make sure that what you're getting for your money is clearly stated. There are a multitude of "web agencies" happy to take your money, copy and paste your information into a template and call it a job well done.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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We're based in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, Midlands, UK. We're interested in working for anyone, anywhere in the world. If your current web design is not giving the results you want, shoot an email at us.

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